Best Paid Survey Sites

Best Paid Survey Sites

If you are a seasoned internet user, you might have already come across paid surveys. Paid surveys are an excellent way to earn a little extra cash online. However, before you join any survey panel you need to make sure whether it is legitimate and trustworthy. Whether this site pays cash or enter the respondents in a sweepstakes?

What are their payment methods? Whether they pay by PayPal or check? Finding answers to these questions will require a lot of time and effort. But you need not to worry as we have already done this research for you.

We have joined, participated and carefully evaluated the different survey panels on different parameters such as survey frequency, survey rewards, time and effort required to complete a survey and have compiled a list of best paid survey sites.

  1. Nielsen survey
  2. Surveysforgiftcards
  3. National Consumer Panel
  4. Opinionsly
  5. Surveysavvy

What are Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are a tool that are used to know the insights and opinions of a sample or population from online paid surveys. Survey is a statistical method of interpreting data and information. It is used to produce a quantitative value for a set of data that is gathered from questionnaires. Paid survey are used in different fields like movies, retail, business, marketing, psychology and sociology. The type of paid survey depends on the study conducted by a group or an individual or a market research company. Surveys that pay are an important tool of market research.

Solving for the quantitative value of data is extremely tedious. Manually getting values from sets of survey questionnaires requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance. It requires you to tally each questions with the corresponding answers. After tallying, you have to solve the values manually with a computer or a calculator. These numbers ranges from hundreds to thousands and needs a complex formula to come up with accurate quantitative value which you will then use for analyzing and data interpretation.

Because of technology, solving for these numerical values is now easier. Computer programmers were able to come up with software specifically used to solve surveys.

Here is a short list of the best paid survey sites that you can join and get paid for sharing your opinion:

Another point that you need to know that is that paid surveys are being used by scammers to attract the attention of internet users and claim that you can earn thousands of dollars by taking paid surveys.This is actually not true. You will not earn that much with paid surveys.

In order to participate in best paid surveys, you will need to join them first. Once you register with the survey panel you will get survey invitations sent to your email address. Some sites also provide a survey dashboard where you can login and view available surveys and participate.

The first point that you need to note is that legitimate market research companies and survey panels will not charge you with anything like a membership fee or a joining fee. You can access paid surveys for free – without having to pay for anything at all. So if a site is asking you to pay for a membership fee or any other charges for that matter, then you are in the wrong site to start with. Next thing to keep in mind is that a good website will not ask you for your personal information such as bank and credit card details, Social Security Number and other data that should not be disclosed and must be kept private. If you come across a site that says “best online survey sites” and asks for this information, you must leave the site at once and disregard it completely without any second thoughts. Lastly, any site that says “Earn Lots of Money Online”, “Quick Ways to Earn Huge Amount of Money Every Month” or anything else that promises things that are too good to be true must likewise be avoided. Unrealistic expectations are things that you should never fall for if you are looking for ways to earn money online.

A word of caution:

You need to be careful when looking for best survey sites that actually pay. As long as you do not disclose your personal information, you do not fall for unrealistic promises, and you do not pay any fees or charges, there is nothing you need to worry about. Another important point to note is that most of the legitimate survey sites have a partnership with market research companies and marketing experts from reputable companies. These survey companies are not paying you free money. They pay for your opinions that help them to shape their future products and services. Join the best paid survey sites and get paid to take surveys.